With a home automation system, you are enabled to use “scenarios”, which means a sequence of actions carried out automatically by pressing a single button or activated directly from the tablet.

Going out

The possibility to turn-off all the lights (or some of them), close the shutters (if motorized), arm the security system, lower the set point of the heating system and open the gate.

Coming in

The possibility to turn-on all the lights (or some of them), open the shutters (if motorized), disarm the security system, raise the set point of the heating system, switch-on the sound system, etc.

Garden watering

An automatic cycle is created in order to manage the opening and closing of solenoid valves, scheduling watering time for every single zone, and if rain or bad weather is forecasted, stopping the watering execution.

These are just some examples, but an unmeasurable number of different scenarios can be setup according to people needs, directly from the tablet/smartphone or from the touchscreen panel placed on the wall.