The brand DOMIT

DOMIT – Domotica Martini Italia – is the new brand dedicated to the Home Automation System sector launched by MARTINI S.R.L. in 2018.

Based on the remarkable experience gained in the electrical installation field either in civil or industrial sector, and thanks to the know-how related to the worldwide certified KNX standard, MARTINI S.R.L. has decided to offer its skills and services to the home automation system context.


In this constantly developing fascinating sector, DOMIT offers both specialists (architects, engineers, surveyors, etc.) and individuals, the best home automation system solutions with a high degree of flexibility and functionality.


All DOMIT installations and technologically advanced solutions have been carefully selected, tested and evaluated by our technicians, in order to guarantee the best solution available on the market for each type of application from the technical and functional point of view.


The decision to adopt the KNX (KONNEX) standard, moreover, arises from the need to make different installation management systems produced by different companies communicate with each other. An open and shared language, in addition to a series of electronic components, combined together in order to show on the screen of a computer or a smartphone/tablet, all the information coming from different systems and devices we can find in a “smart” home, such as lighting, security, thermoregulation, remote control, audio/video systems, monitoring, domestic appliances, etc.

Therefore, thanks to the KNX standard, DOMIT offers home automation systems able to integrate different installation technologies into one single easy-to-use system, that ensures convenience and energy saving.

In this way, the customer does not need to settle for the features of a device proposed by a single manufacturer, but he/she can count on a wide offer thanks to which DOMIT will find the brand and product ideal for satisfying every single requirement.

All DOMIT installations can be seen in detail with a visit to our company showroom, where our qualified personal will help you find the solution that meets your needs.